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Nick Tesla Model S Front Parking Pad

Tesla Model S Arrives with Style!

This month, Xm satellite radio has been running a special Billy Joel channel. That guy wrote and performed some absolutely amazing music! But I want to update the lyrics to one of his last century songs: Traded in his Lexus for a Te-sa-la-la-la-la-la-la; You oughta know by now.” Yes, we picked up the Tesla Model […]

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Upsetting the Status Quo…

I’ve always been of the opinion that upsetting the status quo can be a really good thing. Lots of other people don’t share my way of thinking. Tesla is a classic example. This company has turned the automotive industry on its head. And when the status quo is upset, the people who start losing money […]

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2013 Tesla Model S

Gettin’ Excited!

Chloé is coming home from the hospital on Monday. Yay! I’ve missed the little Leaf! She will be very upset to learn we’re putting her up for adoption! Cruel, I know! I scheduled the delivery for Nick! But can I wait that long?! Here is a walk through of the car…

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Tesla (Interior)

My Fatal Mistake

Naturally, since Chloé, our Nissan Leaf, is at the hospital, this makes me think about a new car. I am unquestionably hooked on electric cars now. With solar on the roof of the house, aside from the actual cost of the car, driving the car is free! At first we started talking about just getting […]

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2013 Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Hot car. The article is at Wired. Here’s the video on how the Tesla Model S is made… Related articles Thanks Tesla, but we’ve already seen BMWs made by robots. [Video] ( Here’s How Tesla Builds The All-Electric Model S In Just 3 Days (

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William Gibson

Forget the Future; Imagine the Past

Interview I came across an interview by the Paris Review Magazine with William Gibson*, the sci-fi writer who created the neologism, “cyberspace.” His perspective is always so challenging and insightful. This portion of the interview is making the rounds in cyberspace: It’s harder to imagine the past that went away than it is to imagine […]

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