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Birthday Karma Abounded

esterday had some fun birthday karma! Here are just a couple of examples: Elephant Bar Restaurant We had lunch at the Elephant Bar Restaurant on 1225 Willow Pass Rd in Concord, CA 94522. (Yes, we were not in our normal neck of the woods!) First, the food is excellent. Very fresh and healthful. And the decor is […]

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Solstice Cards

Solstice Cards All Mailed

Well, just to piss off Fox News, Sarah Palin, and all of the “War(mongers) on Christmas1,” I am informing the world that our Solstice Cards have all been mailed! Design and print the Solstice card; write, print and fold the Solstice newsletter, and then stamp and seal the Solstice envelopes. Finally: double check to be sure […]

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Russell Brand

This Is Why “They” Are Afraid…

This is one of the major reasons I believe we have massive surveillance by government in democracies around the world. This is one reason the government wants higher education to be prohibitively expensive and public school children not to be critical thinkers. Russell Brand is a bit of a loose canon. He’s funny. He’s smart. […]

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Cat Lint Roller

Best Lint Roller Ever!

Conrad the Kat is simply a fur factory. Getting his fur off of my clothes is a constant effort! Finally, I’ve found the ultimate solution! Sorry, Betty. This was probably very disturbing for you, but no cats were harmed in the making of this image!  :)  

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Ubiquitous Connectivity

I hadn’t heard of this guy: Tom Scott*, but he’s clever. I particularly like these projects… To me he’s asking the same question I ask too often: Are we creating a future in which we really want to live? Welcome to Oversight Welcome to Life   * So who is he? From his blog: I […]

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Goats On Roof Old Country Market

Goats On Roof Old Country Market

Located on Vancouver Island in Coombs, BC, Canada, goats live atop the grassy roof until winter approaches, when they are taken down. Goat feces is one thing, but the whole goat sliding off of the icy roof onto the unsuspecting customers below is a entirely different matter. The old country market is not just a […]

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