This is an online portal to over 10,000 of the pictures I've shot around the world. I hope you enjoy your explorations here as much as I enjoy creating and sharing my journey!

The link below will provide you with a complete alphabetical list, with a thumbnail and description of each of the albums at Photography by Tim Tyson. As this list is frequently updated with new content, the server will probably have to recreate every item in the alphabetical menu structure in real time while you wait. This may take up to 3 minutes with no indication progress; so, if the page doesn't completely load right away, please be patient. The server is working very hard.

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The "Big Picture" Overview

Navigating your way through Photography by Tim Tyson is really easy. The entire collection of over 10,000 photos is divided into four levels: the Photo Collection Navigation Menu, the Gallery Navigation Screens, the Individual Albums, and the individual photographs. This page will provide you with helpful information about navigating through these four levels. And, if you wish to watch a video tutorial of the navigation system, click on the Photo Collection Navigation tab above and watch the videos.

The Photo Collection Navigation Menu links to all of the photo galleries. Each photo gallery is made up of numerous photo albums related to that gallery. Each photo album contains numerous individual pictures related to that photo album. In the example pictured below, the Manhattan Beach gallery has been highlighted in the Navigation Menu. The Manhattan Beach Gallery contains 3 photo albums of pictures shot in Manhattan Beach: Around the Ocean, Around Town, and Plants and Flowers. Each of these three galleries contains many individual pictures.

Photo Collection Navigation Menu

The Photo Collection Navigation menu provides access to some introductory videos as well as all of the galleries here at Photography by Tim Tyson. Begin by choosing a Photo Gallery from the small thumbnails below the main viewer on top of the gallery thumbnails. When you click on one of the gallery thumbnails, that thumbnail appears in the main main viewer. Click on the larger image in the main viewer to confirm that is the gallery you want to visit.

  1. When you mouse over the larger image, the music player appears briefly if music is available. You can see which piece is playing, stop and start the music by pressing the pause button on the left side of the music player, and adjust the volume on the right side of the player by clicking in the volume bars.
  2. Clicking on the large image will take you to the photo albums contained in that photo gallery. If you do not see the text "Open Link" floating around your cursor over the large photo, that gallery has not yet gone live, and clicking on it will not open the gallery.
  3. If you see a rotating circle in the center of the large picture, the server is busy creating that photo for your specific monitor size.
  4. The gallery description at the bottom of each large photo provides you with a very brief, general overview of the album contents within the gallery.
  5. The small numeric navigation bar in the center indicates how many photo galleries are currently available. If you hover your mouse over any number, a small thumbnail of that gallery will appear. (These correspond exactly to the thumbnails shown below.)
  6. If the gallery slideshow pauses and you wish to continue the slideshow, simply click on the pause button, which will be a play button if the slideshow has paused.
  7. My favorite feature is the full screen mode. Click here to generate photos that are specifically sized to fill you monitor with no loss of picture quality. The disadvantage may be a significant increase in load time.
  8. Hovering your mouse over the thumbnails at the bottom will show a slightly larger version of the gallery thumbnail. Clicking on a thumbnail immediately places it in the main viewer above.
  9. Becoming impatient? To see the bottom thumbnails that are currently not visible, hover you mouse toward the top or bottom of the list of thumbnails, and they will begin moving. Move your mouse away, and in a few seconds the thumbnails will jump to the gallery image currently in the viewer.

Keyboard Shortcuts

F: Go to full screen
G: Open/close the gallery
N: Hide/show the navigation bar
Left arrow: Load previous photo or video
Up arrow: Skip to next content link group
Right arrow: Load next photo or video
Down arrow: Skip to previous group in below the main viewing area
Space Bar: Pause/auto-play